Jaime’s passion for beauty and skincare began at a young age. As she grew older and began to have her makeup professionally done, as girls do for proms and weddings, Jaime quickly realized that she had a distinct style and taste in makeup application – one that often could not be achieved by a professional. Too often she was disappointed with the result and despite having paid for it, ended up redoing her own make-up.
Jaime knew that she couldn’t be the only one with a taste for a more natural and clean look. Through talking to friends and family she found that there were lots of women who wanted to look professionally made-up but that shied away from looking overdone. She realized that there was a need for a make-up artist who catered to this exact clientele.
Since receiving her certificate for professional makeup artistry, Jaime has excelled in creating natural, clean and classic looks through traditional and airbrush makeup. She views makeup application as an art that enhances a person’s individual beauty, rather than try to change it. Jaime has been recognized countless times for her ability to make a bride feel beautiful, yet herself.
Makeup should compliment your individual and natural beauty, not cover it up.