Mary | Laurel Beach Clubhouse | Milford, CT

Photographs by Katie Slater Photography

"I cannot speak more highly of Jaime and am so thankful she did the makeup for my wedding. All of my bridesmaids were so thrilled with their makeup and they looked so beautiful--Jaime did a great job complementing each girl's personal style and maintained the natural look they wanted. I absolutely loved my makeup and was amazed by how perfect it stayed throughout the entirety of the day. Jaime is so sweet and was great throughout the whole process. Extremely responsive and professional. You would be very lucky to have her participate in making your wedding day beautiful."


Kathryn | Stamford Yacht Club | Stamford, CT

Photographs by Bruce Plotkin Photography

"Jaime did an AMAZING job on my makeup for my wedding day and engagement photos. Jaime was always the perfect balance of professional and personal (follow up e-mails outlining discussions and trials were always sent promptly, contracts were clear and concise and she made a point to remember what my concerns and preferences were and had the right products on hand for our wedding day). Jaime not only did my makeup for my wedding day, but also my entire bridal party and my mother and mother-in-law. Everyone with different preferences and comfort levels wearing makeup, and everyone looked and felt beautiful and told me afterwards how happy they all were with their makeup. I couldn't have imagined a smoother, more pleasant experience or more positive outcome. I highly recommend Jaime for any professional makeup needs!"


Lauren | Keeler tavern museum | Ridgefield, ct


"I am someone who wears absolutely no makeup on a daily basis, so it was really important for me to have natural-looking makeup on my wedding day. Jaime 100% delivered on her promise to keep my makeup from being overdone. I still felt like myself — only a way more beautiful version of myself! At both our trial and the day of the wedding, Jaime arrived on time, set up her station promptly, and made me feel super comfortable.

When we did our first look, my husband was so happy that he could still see my freckles. (He was worried professional makeup would be caked on and cover up everything.) But Jaime did such an excellent job! I would recommend her to all brides — especially those who want to look natural but still feel super special on their big day."


Photographs by JIM LEE VISION

rachel | Falkirk Estate and Country Club | Central Valley, NY

Photographs by J&R Photography

"Thank you for an amazing job!!"

REECE | New haven lawn club | New Haven, CT

Photographs by HK Photography

"Jaime made me feel the most beautiful I've ever felt!! I think it's difficult to do a natural look and Jaime knocked it out of the park. The makeup felt fresh and light but still effectively highlighted my best features to make them stand out. Personally, Jaime is professional and thoughtful, as well as highly responsive and accommodating. I could not be more impressed with her work! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!!"


Sara | Basilica Hudson | hudson, NY

Photographs by Isabelle Selby Photography

"Jaime did an incredible job! She was able to make me look like me, just a much more beautiful version of myself for photos on my wedding day. She (with the help of one other person she hired) did makeup for myself (the bride), 9 bridesmaids, and my a ton of ladies! And everyone looked beautiful!!! Most of us had never had airbrushed foundation before either and everyone LOVED it.

Jaime is a true professional. She is thoughtful, responsive, helpful, and is so professional about her craft. Makeup to her is art - and she has a drive to make sure everyone is happy with the results of her work! She is so personable AND she takes her work seriously. It's a perfect combination. I get very nervous when someone does my makeup - and with Jaime, I was totally at ease. We were so lucky to work with Jaime on my wedding day!"